Using Digital Scrapbooking Supplies from SHCO
written by Laura of Wishing Well Creations for SugarHill

SugarHillco specializes in commercial use products that are targeted at those who actually design digital scrapbooking kits and products. In other words, we create digital images that may be used as design tools by other designers who create personal use products for digital scrapbooking.

For example, in the SHCO shop you will find items such as texture overlays (used to give digital scrapbooking papers a realistic texture), layered patterns (used to create the background patterns on digital papers and embellishments), extracted images such as ribbons, strings, flowers, fasteners, etc. (used by kit designers to create digital embellishments that coordinate with kits/products), fonts (used to create the alphabets and/or word art files that come in digital kits), vector illustrations (infinitely scalable artwork that may be used for a number of things, from the creation of elements & paper patterns, to the creation of cutting files and printables, etc.), and more.

While all of SHCO’s products do carry commercial use licenses of some sort, the products can also be used for personal use projects, as well. As such, you don’t have to be a designer of digital scrapbooking products in order to use the items we sell. We find that many of our customers use our products as embellishments on their own personal scrapbooking layouts (think: fonts, flowers, screws, staples, ribbons, etc.). Others use the files we sell (think: vector artwork) to create printable items such as framed artwork or cards/invitations, and/or to create cutting files for vinyl decals, etc.

Each of our designers has her own Terms of Use (TOU) policy that MUST be followed when you purchase/use a product. For instance, almost all of SHCO’s products carry a license that allows for the creation of digital scrapbooking products. Some products/designers also allow for the creation of printables (though some do not allow print-on-demand in bulk, etc.). Others also allow for “professional use” (as in the case of photographers, etc.). Each designer’s terms vary, so it’s important to read the TOU that applies to each product/designer before you purchase an item, to ensure that your intended use fits into the applicable TOU.

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