Watercolour CU Pizza
Watercolour CU Pizza

Watercolour CU Pizza by GS Creations
Hand painted Pizza theme watercolour & pencil illustrations -

This set contains x23 Hi Res Png's @ 300ppi
1x chef
1x delivery bike
1x dough and rolling pin
1x flag italian
1x garlic bulb
1x garlic clove
4x mushrooms
x2 olives
x1 half onion
x1 onion ring cluster
x2 peppers
x1 pizza round with slice missing
x1 pizza slice wedge
x1 pizza cutter
x1 pizza oven
x1 pizza shovel
x1 tomato whole
x1 tomato slice

Price: $5.49
Points: 10
Released: 10-01-2016

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