Trendy Patterns Volume 2 (CU)
Trendy Patterns Volume 2 (CU)

Trendy Patterns Volume 2 (CU) by Laura Passage

Four (4) 12"x12" layered pattern files. Completely customizable; hide some of the layers for a new/unique look... add patterns to the layers themselves... the possibilities are limitless. One of the patterns (shown 2nd from left in the preview) is seamless, meaning you can scale it down endlessly and tile it with no loss of quality.

Included, you will find four (4) layered files, each available in .PSD, .TIFF, and .PNG format; all created at 300dpi. CU OK. Please read Wishing Well Creations' CU TOU before downloading/using. Thank you!

Price: $4.99
Points: 9
Released: 05-15-2014
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