Texture Volumes 58-60 Bundle (CU)
Texture Volumes 58-60 Bundle (CU)
Texture Volume 58 (CU) Texture Volume 59 (CU) Texture Volume 60 (CU)

Texture Volumes 58-60 Bundle (CU) by Laura Passage

3 packs of different 12"x12" texture overlays, in various styles. 18 total overlays (6 per pack) -- all of which are different variations of cardstock and/or kraft paper (6 of which have a uniquely-faded/faint woodgrain pattern). Use these texture files to layer & blend, recolor, and combine with others... the possibilities are endless to add a unique touch to your papers and elements. By purchasing this bundle, you save 33% from the total cost of buying each pack separately!

This product bundle contains the following 3 products (each available individually, as well)... and is bundled together at a significant savings over purchasing each product separately:

Individual .JPG files, each 12"x12" in size, all created at 300dpi. CU OK. Please read Wishing Well Creations by Laura Passage's CU TOU before downloading/using. Thank you!

Price: $14.97
Points: 29
Released: 03-30-2017
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