Rainbow Stripe Pattern Bundle (CU)
Rainbow Stripe Pattern Bundle (CU)
Rainbow Stripe Patterns Volume 1 (CU) Rainbow Stripe Patterns Volume 2 (CU)

Rainbow Stripe Pattern Bundle (CU) by Laura Passage

Save money by purchasing the entire Rainbow Stripe pattern collection in one handy bundle! Eight (8) layered diagonal rainbow stripe patterns, each 12"x12" in size. Each pattern file can accommodate 6 colors plus an additional background color.

This bundle contains the following products:

Layered .PSD and .TIFF files for each pattern & individual .PNG files of each layer, created at 300dpi. CU OK. Please read Wishing Well Creations' CU TOU before downloading/using. Thank you!

Price: $9.98
Points: 19
Released: 02-13-2015
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