Puzzled by Eyeinspire
Puzzled is filled with lots of puzzle piece goodness! Shapes & brushes make really fun elements that can be used in infinite ways. Scatters, clustered elements, papers, alphas, the only limit s your imagination!

• With the bonus paper template you can add and remove shapes to make really cool masking effects - perfect for designers and scrappers alike.

• The Puzzle pieces in the paper template are completely different shapes than the brushes, shapes & puzzle piece templates….for even more puzzle goodness! Each piece was made by hand.

• Buy now and get puzzled!

• Package contains:
25 Photoshop Brushes - .abr format
25 Photoshop Shapes - .csh format
25 Puzzle Templates in Png Format
Layered Puzzle Paper Template Psd & Png Formats
2 Puzzle Paper templates in Png format 1 outline and 1 plain

Note: Brushes and shapes were made in Photoshop CS5

Price: $6.00
Points: 12
Released: 08-27-2014

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