Merry Tweets CU Layered Watercolour
Merry Tweets CU Layered Watercolour

Merry Tweets CU Layered Watercolour by GS Creations
COMPOSITE ON PREVIEW FOR PREVIEW PURPOSES ONLY - individual elements have been supplied - please see additional previews provided for the individual element display and other ideas.

Easy to use layered Watercolour elements, each colour is on its own layer in a clipped base. Each watercolour layer has been set to Multiply for a more authentic watercolour feel. Easy to recolour or add additional textures and fills. You may use these elements as is without additional changes.

All at 300ppi, supplied in layered TIFF. - Should you require the psd version please contact me:
PNG's are supplied as composites only

PLEASE NOTE : there will be a flat solid colour at the top of each element - THE LAYERED ELEMENT IS UNDERNEATH, This has just been done to make the file size smaller xx

This set consists of: 28 individual elements
x1 bell
x1 bird without hat
x2 birds with hats
x1 bow
x1 candycane
x2 cookies (star and tree shaped)
x1 fence
x1 gingerbird cookie
x1 hanger
x2 holly
x1 house - centre is seperated for easier clipping inside the house
x1 lights string
x2 ornaments
x1 present
x1 tag
x1 sign
x1 merrytweet wording
x1 star
x1 stocking
x3 suckers / lollipops
x3 sweets

Price: $5.49
Points: 10
Released: 10-23-2019

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