Graffiti Builders no. 4
Graffiti Builders no. 4

Graffiti Builders no. 4 by Tracie Stroud

a digital scrapbook product by Tracie Stroud. 


Graffiti Builders are a must-have for adding artsy, grungy, painty elements to your kits. Each template is stocked with 9-11 layers of unique brushes and doodles. You can do so much with these - move and rotate layers, change blending modes, add styles, add depth with beads, buttons, and stitches, remove and add layers, re-arrange the placement of layers. The possibilities are endless, and these templates will provide you with countless one-of-a-kind painty overlays and graffiti elements. 


Includes: 5 layered graffiti templates (4 "traditional" and 1 12 x 12 edge template) in both psd and tiff, and 53 individual elements as png's.

Price: $8.00 $4.00
Points: 16
Released: 10-01-2020

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