Glossies by Eyeinspire
So, I just got done creating a kit and while making my kit I noticed that I never added my Glossies to my shop here. Doh! Check your stash before buying these if you might have purchased them from my site.

Tons of Glossy, shiny epoxies, acrylics and plastics all in one fun package! Just one click and turn any of your shapes or elements into glossy goodness. For Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
You can use these 2 ways. Apply them as is to your shape for a clear coat of acrylic, epoxy etc. or duplicate your shape and apply to the top layer to turn your artwork into plastic, gloss, epoxy or acrylic. Check out both previews for all options available.

This package contains:
1 .asl file with 22 styles
xml files for PSE

Price: $8.00 $3.20
Points: 16
Released: 02-03-2015
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