Garden Planters
Garden Planters

Garden Planters by GS Creations
Easy to use CU Garden Sketchy Doodles with layered fills - add your own colours and paper fills to match your creations. All at 300ppi, supplied in layered PSD, TIFF and PNGs files for ease of use in any program.

This pack contains:
x1 asparagus
x1 bringal
x1 carrot
x1 cauliflower
x1 chili
x1 garlic
x1 onion
x1 single pea
x1 open pea pod
x1 closed pea pod
x1 pepper
x1 potato
x1 pumkin
x1 sign
x1 tomato
x1 turnip

Price: $5.49
Points: 10
Released: 04-29-2016

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