From-the-Center Styles
From-the-Center Styles

From-the-Center Styles by SnickerdoodleDesigns

A set of 9 style effects, designed to give your circular or nearly-circular images a more realistic look than applying a linear pattern to a circular image.  Patterns are not seamless but are 2400 x 2400 px in size. Because they were designed specifically with flowers or other smaller circular images in mind, the non-seamless nature has not been an issue in all my experimentation with them.


  • 1 asl file with the following circular graphics:  1 floral design, 2 halftone patterns, 1 lace design, 1 lined pattern, 1 lines-dots pattern, 2 music patterns, and 1 text pattern
  • 9 PNG pattern files (2400 x 2400 px)
  • Metadata for PSE users (Versions 6-10)
  • 1 PSD for copy/paste application
  • Tips for Usage Instruction Sheet

Excerpt from Tips for Usage, which is included:

  • Apply a style to an element
  • Double-Click on the Layer to bring up the Layer Style options
  • Click on the pattern Overlay Option on the left to make it active
  • Select the Move Tool
  • Click on your element, hold down the left key on your mouse, and move the pattern around to your liking.

Check out the YouTube Video Demonstration for a quick view of how to use these styles.

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements friendly.

Price: $5.00
Points: 10
Released: 11-01-2017

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