Fix Jaggies & Smoothen Action PSE 11/12
Fix Jaggies & Smoothen Action PSE 11/12

Fix Jaggies & Smoothen Action PSE 11/12 by LouCee Creations
A MUST-HAVE for your designer toolbox!

---This version is the Photoshop Elements adaptation of the Fix Jaggies & Smoothen action for Photoshop---
It has been tested in Photoshop Elements 11 & 12

This is the PSE 11&12 version of the fabulous Wilma's Fix Jaggies & Smoothen action. Although this is an adaptation of the original action, it does its job just as well as the Photoshop version.

What does this action do:
- it helps you to fix jagged and not-so-smooth edges
- it helps you to clean up stray pixels
- it helps you to get rid of unwanted shadows
- it helps you to get rid of "ghost edges" that are left after an extraction

in seconds! You'll be pretty amazed at how much time this action will save you and how much it will help you.

The set comes in 2 versions (both included): an "automatic" version and one that lets you finish steps yourself (but no worries, this only involves clicking on the "run" button). Included in the folder are instructions and explanations. Please be sure to read them before running the action as it contains important information about how the action works. It's important you understand this before running the action, especially the automatic one. If you're not familiar with actions, you may want to play around with the DIY version first, to see what this action does.

Believe me (and others who have been using the Fix Jaggies & Smoothen action in the past), this one will quickly become your "to go to" action for fixing quality issues. It's definitely a must have for your designer toolbox.

What others say about the Photoshop version of this action ...

"This action is just fabulous"
"This is my most used action"
"I've been using this action ever since you developed it and didn't think you could improve on it, but you did"
"This action is the only one that I keep loaded in PS, I use this action every day"
"You created the most awesome action I use!"
"My most used action, can't live without it"

If you think the above is only "marketing speak", let us know and we'll point you to the designers who actually did say these words. They'll be glad to repeat them.

The action has been tested in Photoshop Elements 11 and 12 on Mac.

We have no plans to commercialize this action for earlier versions of Photoshop Elements (10 and earlier) but if you are interested in a version for PSE10, please contact me as it is available.

Price: $7.50
Points: 15
Released: 05-08-2014

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