Falling Leaves Pattern Bundle (CU)
Falling Leaves Pattern Bundle (CU)
Falling Leaves (Volume 1) Patterns (CU) Falling Leaves (Volume 2) Patterns (CU)

Falling Leaves Pattern Bundle (CU) by Laura Passage

This bundle contains 8 total patterns: 2 sets of layered patterns in a varied number of colors/layers. 3 of the 8 patterns are seamless patterns... allowing you to scale them downward to any smaller size you desire with no loss of quality. See each volume's product description for more details.

This bundle contains the following products:

Eight (8) layered files provided in .PSD, .TIFF, and .PNG format; all created at 300dpi. CU OK. Please read Wishing Well Creations' CU TOU before downloading/using. Thank you!

Price: $9.98
Points: 19
Released: 09-20-2013
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