Crafty Mice Bundle
Crafty Mice Bundle

Crafty Mice Bundle by GS Creations
Easy to use craft / sewing and knitting cu layered templates - add your own colours and paper fills to match your creations. All at 300ppi, supplied in layered PSD, TIFF and PNGs files for ease of use in any program.

x1 bobbin
x4 buttons
x1 button string
x2 cotton reels
x1 crochet hook
x1 knitting on needle
x1 knitting needle
x3 mice (1 holding knitting needles, x2 plain - not holding anything)
x1 sewing needle
x1 sewing needle with thread
x1 pin
x1 scissors
x1 thimble
x1 woolball

PATTERNS NO60: Crafty Prints
6 LAYERED sewing craft styled paper pattern designs.
All 300ppi in separated PNG, TIFF and PSD files for ease of use.

6 PSD files
6 separated PNG folders
6 Tiff

Price: $7.65
Reg: $10.98 save 30%
Released: 07-31-2014

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