Colorizers 02
Colorizers 02

Colorizers 02 by SnickerdoodleDesigns

This is a pack of 20 multi-colored papers.  They were designed to be used in combination with gray-scale or colored papers when you want to easily change their color. Place the Colorizer on the layer above your chosen background, and experiment with Blend Modes of the Colorizer. Because each colorizer will interact with each background differently, and also because different Blend Modes will give you even more options, these Colorizers will go far in helping you stretch your paper stash.

ARE YOU A VISUAL LEARNER?  Here's a short YouTube video demonstration of how to use the Colorizers:


(20) 12 x 12” papers, non-textured

Information about this product:


Jpg format, 300 dpi

Price: $6.00
Points: 12
Released: 07-11-2018

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