Bokeh Patterns (CU)
Bokeh Patterns (CU)

Bokeh Patterns (CU) by Laura Passage

Six (6) 12"x12" layered bokeh patterns, with varying levels of opacity within each pattern. Three (3) bokeh shapes are included -- circles, stars, and hexagons -- with two patterns for each shape (one large-scale pattern, and one small-scale pattern). The large-scale patterns are seamless and can therefore be scaled down to any smaller size you desire with no loss of quality. You can use these patterns as-is, adding your own colors... or you can duplicate/rotate and layer these patterns for endless pattern possibilities.

Layered .PSD and .TIFF files for each pattern & individual .PNG files of each layer, created at 300dpi. CU OK. Please read Wishing Well Creations' CU TOU before downloading/using. Thank you!

Price: $4.99
Points: 9
Released: 12-26-2013
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