Flower and Foliage Stamps, along with a Freebie

SnickerdoodleDesigns here!  Some designers call them “blendables,” some call them “stamps,” and  I’m sure there are other names for them too. But “they” are the result of stamping a brush on a paper. Something like this:

The image of this flower was stamped on a paper using a brush. You can then blend the stamp into a paper, combine it with other stamps, apply a mask and brush away parts you don’t want, apply a layer style, colorize… and I’m sure there are other things I’ve not included here.

I love to combine stamps to create a design that can be used to add that extra oomph to a paper or element.  This is a combination of a stamp from my new Flower Stamps 01 pack and Foliage Stamps 01 pack, as well as a newsprint from my Newsprint Collection.

The fun of using stamps like this is to experiment with Blend Modes to see what you come up with. I’ve used the Overlay Blend Mode on both of the examples below.

Find them here:  Flower Stamps 01


Find them here: Foliage Stamps 01

If you’ve like to experiment on your own, click on the image below to download this freebie.



Experiment and have fun!

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