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From-the-Center Styles Tutorial

November 4th, 2017 by | tutorials | | notes |

I have never been a fan of horizontal text or other design elements placed on top of a shape that has curves or directional sections.   It doesn’t look realistic to me.  If I wanted text on a flower, for instance, I would take a piece of text, and patiently (sometimes not-so-patiently) rotate it and clip it to different parts of the flower. It was a tedious process, and not fun at all.  But from this process, my From-the-Center Styles were born. These styles were designed specifically to be used on circular, or somewhat circular, elements.


Here is how to get the most out of my new From-the-Center Styles


In Photoshop:

  • Apply a style to an element
  • Double-Click on the Layer to bring up the Layer Style options
  • Click on the pattern Overlay Option on the left to make it active
  • Select the Move Tool
  • Click on your element, hold down the left key on your mouse, and move the pattern around to your liking.

In Photoshop Elements:

  • Apply a style to an element
  • Go to the top Menu Bar: Layer > Layer Style > Scale Effects. You will be able to scale the pattern on the image, but not move it around. Sometimes this works; sometimes not. It depends on the shape and size of the element you are working with.
  • The best and most flexible way for Elements users to use these Styles, is to utilize the PNGs:
    • Clip a PNG to your element
    • Select the Move tool and move position the png file where you want it.



Patterns are set to Overlay Blend Mode and Scale at 50%. Both of these options can be adjusted to suit individual elements.

Patterns are not seamless, but that typically is not a concern with this style and the way it is used.

  • Experiment with Blend Modes and Opacity levels of the Styles Effect
  • Choose just certain colors to apply a style to (see example #2 below)
  • Use the Warp Tool or other distortion tools to create special effects.
  • If in Photoshop, right click on Effects on your stylized layer; choose Create Layer. This will place the pattern on its own layer above the element. In Photoshop Elements, if you are using PNGs, you already have the effect on its own layer.
    • With the effect on its own layer, you can apply a Mask, and brush away parts that you don’t want, or that don’t suit the element you are working with.

Example #1

Here is a flower with a pattern style applied. No adjustments were made here.



Here is the same image after I centered the effect, applied a mask, and removed areas of the pattern I did not want.

(GS Creations: Watercolour Garden)


Example #2

An additional option for Photoshop users is to go to the Top Menu Bar > Select > Color Range, and select a color.

In the flower pictured below, I selected the yellows; then Control + J to duplicate the selection; and finally applied a music style to the duplicated yellow selection to create this look:

(Wendy Page Designs, Flowers 43)


With some of the pinks selected:


Here are just a few more examples for you:

Using LouCee Creations Paper Flowers 11: I used the Quick Selection tool to select 2 flower petals; Control + J to duplicate the selection; applied a text style to the duplicated petals.


A Before and After, using one of LouCee Creations Pleated Flowers1



Are you a visual learner?  Here is a YouTube video for you.

Just use your imagination and you’ll be creating unique elements and effects within no time at all!

Karen Schulz



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Watercolor Styles and How to Adjust their Pattern

October 21st, 2017 by | new goods, tutorials | notes |

Whether designed in bright colors or soft pastels, watercolor designs always call my name.  I frequently clip watercolor papers or overlays to elements, text, or graffiti; but this week I set aside time to create a set of watercolor styles that would make creating these type of elements so much easier!


My set of watercolor styles is available here at SugarHillco

Save 25% with Introductory Pricing through October 26th.

This set of styles is seamless, which means that you can move the pattern around in Photoshop to take advantage of the entire color variations without ever seeing a seam.

Here is an example. I’ve drawn 4  3.5 inches circles and by adjusting the pattern we get 4 different looks.

To adjust a pattern in Photoshop:

  • Once you apply your desired style to an element, click on the FX icon or on Pattern Overlay on that layer to open the Layer Style options.
  • Click on Pattern Overlay in the Styles options to select it.
  • Leaving the Layer Style Dialogue box open, return to your element and click on it.
  • Left-click your mouse and while continuing to hold down the left mouse key, drag your cursor around in your element to move the pattern.

Are you a visual learner? See how to do it in this 24-second video!


To date, Adobe has not given this option to Photoshop Elements users, but here is a tip from Peggy Slemp, an experienced Photoshop user:

“I had to have these, so I bought them and played with them today. They are great! And although those of us using PSE can’t use the pattern overlay to change up the pattern, I found two things we can do that do similar things. One, of course, is to go to Layer/Layer Style/Scale Effects. Then you use a slider to change the look, If you do it by small increments, you can get subtle changes. I also discovered, that once you put the style on the element, you can rotate the element using the corner points, and it makes the pattern rotate around too. So if you want the paint to go sideways instead of vertically, you can rotate the element, then simplify it and rotate it however you want it. Make sense? Anyway, those two things do quite a bit. But thank you for making these. I am going to have lots of fun playing with these! You chose gorgeous colors.”

In the image below I have applied various styles in the Watercolor Styles 01 pack to Tracie Stroud’s Graffiti Builders No. 2 which can also be found here at SugarHillco.

Isn’t it lovely?

Watercolor Styles SnickerdoodleDesigns

I hope you find these Watercolor Styles easy to work with and that they make your designing and scrapping go much faster and easier than ever before!

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What is Digital Scrapbooking Day – really?

October 8th, 2017 by | anything goes | notes |

Digital Scrapbooking Day was first established in 2007 to create awareness for digital scrapbooking – not only as a creative way to document and display memories but also as a means to achieve photos and memorabilia safely digitally….. (The day) is intended to act as a catalyst to set aside some time, at least annually, to digitally documenting your personal history.” –  (

Here’s the good news!  It’s here. It’s this weekend!

For me, Digital Scrapbooking Day has always been about the special sale prices that most stores offer.  But while reading the article noted above I gained a broader perspective of the day.

“But Digital Scrapbooking Day isn’t just about digital scrapbooking, the hobby – Digital Scrapbooking Day celebrates all that today’s technology can do to help preserve your precious memories. That means that anyone can participate in Digital Scrapbooking Day – scrapbookers (whether traditional, “hybrid,” or digital), photographers, genealogists, memoirists, personal journalists, bloggers, podcasters, and related retailers all will find something to celebrate on Digital Scrapbooking Day.”

If you have memories stored in some form on a computer, you have reason to celebrate. Here are some ways people celebrate Digital Scrapbooking Day:

  • sort and organize digital photos – chronologically and/or by event or theme
  • “tag” and write captions for digital photos • scan and restore heirloom photos and memorabilia
  • create a digital scrapbook layout or keepsake
  • learn a new graphic editing technique
  • experiment with new graphics software 

So how can I help YOU celebrate the day?

  • Do you need to sort your photos?  Are you a chronological scrapper?  Theme scrapper? Do you look for photos by the event?  Think about how you look for photos when you need them, then create folders, and start sorting. Once you are up to date, set aside a specified time each week to stay caught up.
  • Are you a hybrid scrapper?  Miss Tiina’s 2018 Every Day Planner is now available! Wouldn’t this make a great Christmas gift for someone?
  • Do you need inspiration? Visit your favorite digi-store Gallery. But beware! It’s easy to “get lost” in the amazing creativity you will find there, and soon discover that hours have flown by when it seemed like just a few minutes. Take that inspiration, head back to your workstation, and create!  It’s okay to “scraplift” ideas.  If you have ever wondered about that, this tutorial, I hope, will give you a different perspective:  Scraplifting…..
  • Are you interested in learning new techniques?  Visit my Tutorial Page where you will find hundreds of tutorials to help you. (I am in the middle of redoing it, so look forward to better organization there soon!)
  • Are you a Photoshop Elements user?  Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 was released this week. If you would like to download a free copy to experiment with, you may do so on the Adobe site.  

If you are like me and think “SALE,” visit our Shop where you will find Sales, Specials, Big Deals, and Grab Bags that will offer you a wide variety of purchasing choices!

Now is a GREAT time to pick up the products that are on your Wish List! 

Because we, as scrappers, like to document all memories, not just big events, it might also be a great day to pick up our cameras and just take some random photographs.

Owen, my grandson, sleeping with his friends, Bruce the shark, and Brown Bear.

Now I’m off to get some scrap-lifting ideas!

I hope you have an incredibly creative and fun day!

Karen Schulz


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Final Days of SnickerdoodleDesigns Grand Opening Sale

September 12th, 2017 by | sales n' deals | notes |

Hey everyone! SnickerdoodleDesigns here with a quick reminder that my Grand Opening Sale ends this Friday!  Save 40% on individual packs while there’s still time. This sale also includes my NEWEST pack Inked Leaves.


Don’t miss the opportunity to save 55% of the Artsy Textures BIG DEAL and 67% the Blendable Builders BIG DEAL!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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