SHCO 3rd Birthday CU Blog Train!

Hello and welcome to the SugarHillco 3rd Birthday CU Blog Train!

The Sugar Girls have some really awesome freebies for you all! Chugga chugga, let’s go!!


You are here –> SugarHillco

Miss Tiina
GS Creations
LouCee Creations
Wishing Well Creations
Wendy Page
That Girl
Melissa Bennett
Just Jaimee
Disasterpiece Studios
Sugarplum Paperie
Zoe Pearn
Vinnie Pearce
Krystal Hartley
Rachaels Scraps

Remember to leave some ♥! Happy downloading :)

P.s. We have all tried hard to make sure our posts go on time, please be patient if you don’t see someone’s, we will do our best to make sure it will be up as soon as possible!

89 Replies to “SHCO 3rd Birthday CU Blog Train!”

  1. Just happened to stumble across this Blog Train and WOW what an AMAZING surprise! Thank you all so much for your generous contributions!!!

  2. A huge thank you to all the designers for their blog train goodies, and for letting their goods go at 60% in the store! It’s all lovely stuff, and I have to learn more PS ‘tricks’ to learn how to use them all!

  3. Want to put a blanket thank you here as love the site and the designers. Will put individual thanks when I dl files, except sometimes I move on too fast and then don’t get back. Sometimes I find it difficult to get to the comment section. Just wanted everyone here to know that I do appreciate your hard work.

  4. Thank you to all of the talented and generous designers who have made the gifts possible. Wishing you all much success in your businesses.

  5. Congratulations to 3 years of SHCO!!
    There are really great designers here!
    I want to say thank you for all these freebies here and now I will go shopping … :-)

  6. Thank you to everyone! I tried to leave love at all the stops but I know there were a few that I had some problems leaving a comment. I just wanted all of you to know how much your are appreciated and wish you all another successful year!

  7. Thank you all sooooooo much for these very generous CU items, they are all so wonderful I can’t wait to make my next kit…Happy Birthday SugaarHillco!!!

  8. FYI, today aug 2. 9:30, these links at working/ They are asaying can’t connect. Everything else worked.



    Disasterpiece Studios

    Zoe Pearn

  9. TO the best CU Designers in the whole industry – Thank You for all the wonderful goodies!!! Happy Birthday SHC! Love all the new designers too!!!

  10. Thank you all for your generosity!! There is such a variety!

    I tried to leave a note as I went along, but I know I missed a few. Double thanks to them!

  11. Thank you everyone for all your hard work, and for so graciously sharing with all of us! I couldn’t do what I do without y’all!

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