Disasterpiece TOU

Disasterpiece TOU
Disasterpiece Studios Commercial Use TOU:
In buying this product, you are entering into an agreement with Jeannette Perry to use these items and the previews seen online in the following manner. YOU MAY NOT SHARE, LOAN, OR REDISTRIBUTE.
You MAY:
1: YOU MAY: Use them to create items for sale in digital kits, S4H & S4O kits. You may NOT use them to sell element packs. You can use my CU products in digital kits along with other elements. However my elements should not make up more than 30% of the kit.
2: YOU MAY: Use them to create pages for paying clients. As long as it is flattened/merged.
3: YOU MAY: Use them to create web graphics (Resolution no higher then 72dpi
4: YOU MAY: Create freebies with them as long as it is modified, not simply recolored. The end result must be different than the original item. You may use them on free quick pages as long as the finial product is merged/flattened.
You may NOT:
1: YOU MAY NOT: Resell my original files, they MUST be used. They are only to be used for creation of elements for personal use & S4O/S4H kits. Use them in your designs but not for the whole design eg a pack of strings, a pack of ribbons etc.
2: YOU MAY NOT: Share these files with ANYONE. They are not to be stored on the internet, via 4shared, yousendit, or any other file storage website. This includes Yahoo, Google or any other file sharing group! This is considered PIRATING & is ILLEGAL.
3: YOU MAY NOT: Claim these items as your own.
4: YOU MAY NOT: use these to create products you sell for Professional use by other designers. Designers may use them to create kits that are S4O/S4H friendly. You must use these in your element creations for your personal, S4O/S4H use sales of kits. Not to be sold as a professional use item.
5: YOU MAY NOT: Include them in layered templates.

Special Thanks to Studio Flergs for the use of her designs in my packaging, blog, and any other place I use them ;)
Special Thanks to Kim Broedelet for the use and abuse of her designs any time and any place I want to :D

Jeannette Perry AKA Disasterpiece Studios
Contact me with any questions or concerns: disasterpiece at skwerlicious dot com
Thank you for your purchase and I hope you enjoy your products!
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